About Us

Established in 1992, the Comic Dungeon was founded by Marv Brost and Steven Beard. Marv set the groundwork for the store, establishing his business on underground, adult, and mainstream comics. After nearly ten years in operation Marv left the store and Steve took over sole ownership. Steve’s energy and forward momentum saw the store change location and he expanded it’s offerings to include a hearty stock of toys, shirts, statues, and more. Over this period Steve would hire on Jon Vermont, one of the most well regarded buyers and appraisers in the Northwest with a history of over thirty years in the industry, and Chris Casos who would soon run the bulk of day-to-day operations and orders as the store manager.


In 2005 Scott and Lainie Tomlin bought the store from Steve and have been expanding its offerings and customer base with innovative and forward thinking initiatives. The Tomlin’s goal was to make the store more family orientated while still maintaining it’s eclectic stock Mainstream, Indy, and Underground Comix as well as popular merchandise in the form of shirts, toys, and more. With their guidance the store has experimented with coupons from GroupOn, Living Social, Google, and social media such as Facebook and Twitter to become more accessible and to offer great introductory deals to introduce new readers to this great medium. The store has experienced an influx of new customers and readers that otherwise would have had a more difficult time locating their LCS and have since become regular patrons.


In 2012 Scott and Lainie moved the store to its current location in Wallingford, a much brighter and friendlier storefront. They took this opportunity to refurbish and redesign the store’s layout, experimenting with new methods of cross-selling and innovative displays. The store’s current layout utilizes a focus on genres, creators, publishers, and even characters.


The Comics Dungeon has celebrated over 22 years of business and has been a long standing member in the Wallingford community and in the Seattle comic scene. It’s always growing and expanding, seeking the best product and services for its customer base. Its dedicated staff strive to make all customers feel welcome and engaged in the medium and industry, introducing readers to great new comics and helping collectors find that one comic that’s been eluding them all these years. The Comics Dungeon is a community effort that has benefited from the vision and dedication of many to become the premier comic experience in Seattle.